Exhibition in Dresden

Architectural concepts for the future of the “Japanisches Palais”, Dresden

Exhibition of aac workshop results at the “Japanisches Palais” Dresden in cooperation with the Dresden State Art Collections

Vernissage: 14 August 2019, 7 p.m.
Duration: 15 August - 3 November 2019

The Spring Workshop 2019 of the aac Academy for Architectural Culture in Hamburg was aimed at architecture students from all over the world and dedicated to the development of various future designs for the “Japanisches Palais” in Dresden.

The potential of this important historical building for architectural visions is shown by the works created during the aac workshop. The students had the task of visioning a design solution for a future project with a high quality of public living and a strong cultural value.

In cross-cultural groups, fellows have designed and worked out designs at the aac in Hamburg. In addition to tutorials and interim presentations, the workshop was accompanied by a public lecture programme by well-known international architects. A joint excursion to Dresden was also part of the workshop programme.