Showcase of an energy-plus city

In 2009 20 scholarship holders from Germany and China took part in a five-week course at 13 Planckstraße in Hamburg to work out a scheme for the future use of the 460 ha site of Berlin’s Tegel Airport.

The objective was to develop practicable, future-oriented urban planning and building engineering concepts for an “energy-plus city” that goes beyond the “triple zero” concept in producing more energy during the year than it consumes. The “triple zero” concept refers to projects that on an annualised basis consume no energy, give off no emissions and produce no residues.

Twenty selected candidates from the fields of architecture, landscape planning and building services were invited to take part, plus candidates who had already gained experience specifically in energy-efficient planning in the course of their studies, work or teaching. Contributions from distinguished international visiting speakers (Visiting Professors) provided background information and reports of first-hand experience, to flesh out the subject matter.

The visiting professors also played an active role in assessing the results. Along with the visitors’ lectures, gmp partners and representatives of professional associations and industry also gave talks and reports of firsthand experience.

The book shows designs, plans and drawings illustrating the energy-plus concept for the future use of Berlin’s Tegel Airport. A comprehensive 100-page book, documenting the results of the second aac intensive course "TXL+ Showcase of an Energy-Plus City", is available for order through the aac:

Prof. Meinhard von Gerkan (ed.)
Showcase of an energy-plus city

100 pages
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