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How does the aac Academy for Architectural Culture teach?
In workshops we bring together young architecture students and graduates from all over the world in order to develop solutions for future-relevant architectural tasks together. The participants are constantly supported by partners from the architecture office gmp and tutors from architectural practice. Well-known architects and experts contribute their knowledge in lectures and guest critiques.
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Which topics are getting approached in the workshops?

The topics of the workshops are based on the current architectural discourse. So far, topics such as parametric planning, building in existing buildings, developing urban planning concepts and many more have been worked on.
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When will the next workshop take place?
Currently we offer two workshops in spring and autumn of the year, each in the lecture-free periods.
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When can I apply for a workshop?
It is possible to apply for a place at any time, even if the workshop has not yet been announced. We always offer a workshop in spring and autumn. The specific application deadlines are December 10th for the spring workshop and June 10th for the autumn workshop.
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Where do the workshops take place?
The workshops generally take place on our campus at Rainvilleterrasse 4 in 22765 Hamburg.
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How much does it cost to participate in a workshop?
A scholarship from the gmp Foundation is available for every participant. By applying to participate in the workshop, it is also possible to apply for the scholarship. This scholarship covers the costs of the course including the necessary work material. The aac also offers free accommodation for the duration of the workshop.
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How long is the duration of a workshop?
A workshop takes up to 3,5 weeks in general.

How many days off are there in a workshop?
Since 3.5 weeks offer a comparatively short period for working on the complex topics, but free time is very important, the Saturdays can be used freely.

Where can I find testimonials from previous participants?
On our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles we have a section called "Alumni Talks" with testimonials from previous participants.
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Are computers available?
All participants have their own workstation with a computer and network.
You will also receive constant support from our personal IT department.
Using your own hardware to access your own preferences is possible in parallel.

What kind of software is available?
AutoCad and Rhinoceros, as well as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator from Adobe are already installed on the computers, which available to all participants individually. Further software is available in coordination with our IT department.

Do I have to look for an accommodation in Hamburg by myself?
No, on request we will provide you with accommodation in a hostel or hotel near the aac and Hamburg’s trendy districts.

How will the participants be distributed to the rooms of the accommodation?
In the proposed accommodation, up to three participants can share a room.
In times of pandemic situations, we reduce the number of participants per room.

Do I have to take care of catering during the workshop?
A fully equipped kitchen, as well as coffee, water and fresh fruit basket are provided by us, further catering must be organized and purchased by the participants themselves. However, we do offer a meal for everyone on special occasions.

Who can apply for a workshop?
Young architects and graduate architects as well as students about to complete their architectural studies. For additional Information on requirements for application, check here:
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How can I apply for a workshop?
You can find detailed information on the application process here:
> www.aac-hamburg.com/education/apply/

What language will the workshop be held in?
The entire workshop will be conducted in English.

Does my application also have to be in English?

No, we are also happy to accept applications in German. However, as the workshop will be held in English, it is important that you have a good understanding of the language.

What is the number of people who can take part in a workshop?
The number of participants usually varies between 16 and 24.

Is the work intended to be individually or for groups?
You will work in international teams of max. four people.

Who are the tutors who support us?
Under the link you can find all of our tutors who have supported the workshops so far.
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Is it possible to work for my studies alongside the workshop?
Each group can agree on the task distribution and work rhythm together with the tutor. However, secondary activities are not recommended during the workshop, as this can significantly harm the learning process.

Which guest speakers have already been to the aac?
Under the links you can find all the guests we have been able to welcome so far.
> www.aac-hamburg.com/team/visiting-professors/
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Is it possible to take part in the guest lectures and exhibitions if I’m not attending the workshop?
Yes, most of the lectures are public events. The exhibitions of the workshop results are also open to the public. Subscribe to our channels on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook or visit our website to be informed about upcoming events.

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