Residenzschloss Dresden

Residenzschloss Dresden

New Work at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

aac Workshop, Hamburg, Germany
07.09 to 30.09.2022 at the Campus Rainvilleterrasse in Hamburg

This aac workshop was led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Volkwin Marg and Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Stephan Schütz with Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Nicolas Pomränke and Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Christian Hellmund.

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Description of Workshop Topic
The Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden are among the most important museums in the world. At its heart lies the Residenzschloss, the collection's place of origin and the center of the museum's operations with exhibition spaces, workshops and offices. For hundreds of SKD employees, the Residenzschloss is the reference point for their daily work.

Collection, work community and visitors are the pillars of a lively museum operation. While the care and presentation of the collection, as well as the number and experience of visitors, are self-evident focal points of the work, the quality and appreciation of the employees is the prerequisite for the continued implementation of this work. Therefore, the attractive design of the staff areas also requires constant updating.

This need for attractiveness has gained additional weight after mobile working has become an alternative form of work in many industries in recent years.

The aac Autumn Workshop 2022 focused on the Residenzschloss as a modern place of reference for work. The aac's brief pursued the goal of developing design strategies for the development of the employee spaces that exist within the palace walls. In this way, spaces were to be created that support the qualifications of the employees, reflect the significance of the work and promote a mutually enjoyed presence.

The task combined the challenges of built resources with the development of design typologies regarding modern work environments. For the second time, the SKD provided the real life parameters to a future-relevant aac workshop topic.

Description of Workshop Format
During the three-and-a-half-week aac workshop, international groups of four students worked closely together to develop project contributions on the topic.
Supported by personal tutors and under the guidance of a gmp partner, the designs were further developed in discussion rounds with renowned guest architects. Topic-specific experts complemented the programme with lectures and reports on their experiences.

A scholarship was available for all participants, which covered the tuition fees for the course including all working materials. Free accommodation in Hamburg for the duration of the workshop was also on offer.

The aac studios with spectacular views over Hamburg harbour are equipped with individual computers, software licences and workshop materials.

The aac workshop for architecture students in their Bachelor's or Master's degree, as well as young graduates, took place during the lecture-free period from 07 - 30 September 2022.

The workshop included an excursion to the site of the brief. In this way, the theoretical questions of the workshop could be discussed and evaluated by looking at existing buildings.

The workshop results will be presented by the participants in an exhibition.
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Participants: Aqel Abueladas, Daniel Afriyie Owusu, Asiia Garipova, Belen Doğa Cirit, David Radivojević, Elizaveta Rozman Kuchuk, Juan Mendoza Sacristán, Lorna Manjana Langner, Marta Lewicka, Maxi Anja Groß, Maximilian Schröder, Noha Elhady, Rikus Flörke, Viktor Kalinov, Yannick Soumoy

Tutors: Fabian Faerber, Walter Gebhardt, Annika Göttle, Prof. Philipp Kamps, Sona Kazemi

Visiting Professors: Prof. Martin Fröhlich, Chris Middleton
Experts: Prof. Peter Kulka, Daniel Schöning, Birgit Gebhardt