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How we want to build in the Future

aac Workshop, Hamburg, Germany
08.02 to 03.03.2023 at the Campus Rainvilleterrasse in Hamburg

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Description of Workshop Topic

How do we want to implement the politically set climate targets [1] and what does this mean for our work as architects? The current crises in ever faster succession, as well as pressing ecological and social challenges, are fundamentally calling our lives and economies into question. We are, as we were a hundred years ago, at a turning point in time. But which future, which planning and which building would be "modern" today?

This is the question that the aac Academy for Architectural Culture addressed through an assignment for the design of a prototype building in its spring 2023 workshop.

Quantifiable results
Four group designs in a building gap in Hamburg  were each to represent a basic architectural pattern of a functionally flexible, resource-saving, deconstructible and energetically optimized building.

Taking into account various parameters such as circular construction, urban mining and re-use, energy from renewable sources, socially acceptable integration in the neighborhood and the like, the four groups were each to create a design, which was continuously assessed by quantifiable values.

Due to their reduced scale and complexity, the quantifiable results of the designs in terms of C0²-footprint and energetic performance - beyond construction, building envelope and technology - allowed derivable insights for future-relevant enabling of qualitative design decisions.

[1] "Europe is to become climate-neutral by 2050 and save at least 55 percent of greenhouse gases by 2030 compared to 1990. The EU Climate Change Act sets these targets in law for the first time." According to, accessed 09/26/2022.

Description of Workshop Format
During the three-and-a-half-week aac workshop, international groups of four students worked closely together to develop project contributions on the topic.
Supported by personal tutors and under the guidance of a gmp partner, the designs were further developed in discussion rounds with renowned guest architects. Topic-specific experts complemented the programme with lectures and reports on their experiences.

A scholarship was available for all participants, which  covered the tuition fees for the course including all working materials. Free accommodation in Hamburg for the duration of the workshop was also on offer.

The aac studios with spectacular views over Hamburg harbour were equipped with individual computers, software licences and workshop materials.

The aac workshop for architecture students in their Bachelor's or Master's degree, as well as young graduates,  took place during the lecture-free period from 02 February – 03 March 2023.

The workshop results were presented by the participants in an exhibition.

This aac workshop was led by Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Stephan Schütz and Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Nikolaus Goetze with Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Nicolas Pomränke.
Participants: Daria Behrens, Blanca Borrell Araúz de Robles, Martin Bumbál, Nikolai Davydov, Gordian Graf Strachwitz, Vitaliya Grigorenko, Paul Gumpricht, Xing Hua, Dije Këqiku, Sânziana Maximeasa, Malgorzata Migut, Lorenzo Scheibner, Zeynep Çağla Topcu, Juan Sebastián Vintimilla Ochoa, Sonja Walzik, Anika Wieger

Tutors: Walter Gebhardt, Annika Göttle, Prof. Philipp Kamps, Sona Kazemi, Anja Meding, Alexandra Mrzigod

Visiting Professors and Experts: Tilmann Jarmer, Volkwin Marg, Alexandra Mrzigod, Katrin Nellius, Robert Schmitz, Werner Sobek, Urs Wedekind