An Architectural Contribution to the Cultural Ecology of the Gowanus District

Brooklyn Powerhouse

aac Workshop, Hamburg, Germany
02 September until 26 September 2014 at the Campus Rainvilleterrasse in Hamburg

Documentation of results (web-optimised)

The name Brooklyn Rapid Transit Powerhouse refers to a large coal-fired power station built at the end of the 19th century to generate electricity for Brooklyn’s streetcar system. A New York philanthropist recently purchased the property with the intention of developing a diverse, non-commercial incubator for Brooklyn’s young art scene which, in a socially sensitive and uncomplicated fashion, will provide the art scene with spaces and a place of identification. Together with a team of specialists and in an intensive dialog with the local scene, the owner has developed a differentiated programme which focuses on providing different studios, art workshops employing different materials and techniques, as well as spaces for exhibitions, events and teaching. The program will be realised on the basis of the existing volume, with the potential for further extensions on the site.

As a consequence, the assignment required incisive concepts which explored the potential synergy of the historical and the modern as well as doing justice to an architect’s social and cultural responsibilities.

Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Meinhard von Gerkan
Stephan Schütz

Academy for Architetural Culture
Campus Rainvilleterrasse
Rainvilleterrasse 4
22765 Hamburg

Editorial staff
Enno N. Maass, Annika Schröder, Johann von Mansberg, Christine Graff

Design concept
ON Grafik, Hamburg