The Museum of the Future

Technoversum Berlin

The workshop in spring 2013 under the title “Technoversum Berlin” explored future scenarios for the German Museum of Technology. The museum, currently the second largest of its kind in Germany, is planning a large-scale architectural expansion at its present site, a former railway property in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. In addition to the formulation of an entrance, plans include the creation of attractive additional exhibition space, resulting in a virtual doubling of the existing available space. Within the context of the expansion it is the declared goal of the museum to provide space for an innovative museum didactics and exhibition methodology which the German Museum of Technology in Berlin has developed under the concept “Technoversum”. On the basis of this assignment profile, five incisively different concepts for the German Museum of Technology as a museum of the future were developed. Of special importance for the completion of the assignment were the site’s historical implications and the subsequent transformation of parts of the former railway property into a museum park in an open space context. The workshop was accompanied by lectures and intermediate critiques from outstanding experts in the field of contemporary museum discourse. Immediately following the workshop the results were displayed at Campus Rainvilleterrasse. The entire project, including the results of the workshop, will also be presented to the general public within the context of a symposium at the German Museum of Technology in Berlin at the beginning of 2014.

Prof. Meinhard von Gerkan (ed.)
Technoversum Berlin: The Museum of the Future, Spring 2013
116 pages
German/ English
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