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Video recording of the aac lecture with Prof. Felix Waechter

Prof. Felix Waechter spoke about “Building with wood“ on 17 September at the aac autumn workshop 2020 "Nantesbuch - Designs for a campus Kunst und Natur - Gut Nantesbuch".

Here you can find the link to the video recording:
Prof. Felix Waechter completed his studies of architecture at the University of Stuttgart in 1996 with a diploma and in 1998 he received his Master in Architecture at Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge USA. In 1998 he founded the architectural office Waechter + Waechter Architekten together with his wife Sibylle Waechter. In 2001 he was appointed to the BDA Hessen. 1997–98 he had a teaching position at the BAC in Boston (USA), since 2016 he is professor at the Technical University Darmstadt, Department of Design and Building Construction. The office has received numerous prizes and awards, including the Baden-Württemberg timber construction prize for the Petrusgemeinde Wiesloch community centre and the best architects award for the GIZ Academy on the Kottenforst Campus in Bonn. The extension of the theatre and philharmonic orchestra in Heidelberg has also received several awards.

Photos: Jochen Stüber