Building and urban concepts between comfort and efficiency

Building and urban concepts between comfort and efficiency

Second lecture within the event series aac discourse on sustainability

"Our common future – resources, identity, social merits"

The term of sustainability seems to gradually lose effect and seems to take on universal meaning, whereas at the same time certificates for buildings are issued following more or less strict sets of rules. Meeting or exceeding these rules not infrequently reverses the sense of sustainability to absurdity. At the same time, however, the globalised world reaches one point of no return after the other at locations of urban hyper-growth, whether in Asia, India and Africa.

Efforts for a sustainable town of the future – following conclusively in the view of the sheer quantity of new buildings and additional inhabitants –will either succeed or completely fail in the greenhouses of existing and upcoming metropolises and mega agglomerations. The mere struggle for further centimetres of insulation thickness on buildings of familiar towns must necessarily be tested in the view of this perspective. As a result, the risk-benefit ratio of such and similar patterns of activity are revealed to be as questionable as the foreseeable renunciation of a holistic perception of the town as reflection of a meaningful society.

The event series aac discourse shall present positions part of the controversy surrounding the term of “sustainability”. Holistic thinking offers the possibility to escape from existing conventions and to define new ways that lead out of the one dead end of apparent promises of salvation.

Date Wednesday, 28 January 2015, 7 pm
Location House Hardenberg
Hardenbergstraße 5, 5th floor, Berlin

The lecture will be in German. Please register here:

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