Giulia Foscari, OMA/AMO

Giulia Foscari, OMA/AMO

Elements of Venice

Giulia Foscari of OMA/AMO spoke about  "Elements of Venice"

Date: Wednesday, 4. March 2015, 7 pm
Location: Campus Rainvilleterrasse, ground floor, Rainvilleterrasse 4, 22765 Hamburg

Giulia Foscari W.R. (MA (hons), AA DRL MArch) Architect

Giulia Foscari was born in Venice in 1980. Since her graduation cum laude in Rome, her enrolment to the Order of Architects in 2004 and her DRL MArch degree at the Architectural Association, she worked as an architect, curator, author, editor and assistant professor in Asia and Latin America. In 2007 she moved to Hong Kong, taught at Hong Kong University for 5 years and joined in 2009 the newly founded OMA HK where she focused on cultural design projects. In parallel, she curated “Andrea Palladio and Zaha Hadid Architects” and the “HK Pavilion”, respectively at the 2008 and 2010 Venice Biennale. In 2011 she moved to Buenos Aires where she opened a platform for OMA conducting research in the region and working on design projects with OMA NY. In 2013-2014 she shifted her attention to Venice as part of Rem Koolhaas’ “Fundamentals” team and authored “Elements of Venice”.