aac intensive courses

Scholarships and tuition fees

Each applicant receives the opportunity to apply at the gmp Foundation for full cover of the aac tuition fees. The gmp foundation has the intent to support young architectural talents and thus is engaged at a course with a substantial scholarship programme. In case of approval, tuition fees are covered in their entirety. Condition for approval of the scholarship by the gmp Foundation is the successful completion of the course. The tuition fees cover the participation, use of an individual CAD studio space and aac facilities for the duration of the respective course as well as all necessary course material.

In the event of inadequately founded failure to attend the course or premature departure, the participant concerned will be liable to pay back the full amount of the scholarship.

The gmp Foundation additionally offers as part of its scholarship programme a number of scholarships covering travel expenses and accommodation expenses for the time of the course. In recent years this kind of financial aid has often been awarded to participants from overseas. Travel tickets and accommodation covered by the above scholarship will be selected and arranged in cooperation with the foundation.

The scholarship programme currently does not offer the cover of any other expenses. The support described above is exemplary for scholarships granted by the gmp Foundation in the past. Please find the current scholarship programme in the announcement of the respective study programme.

aac will assist candidates with their visa applications where necessary.