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From Module to Urban Quarter

From Module to Urban Quarter

Case Study Houses for the 21st-Century Berlin

aac workshop, Hamburg, Germany
25.05. to 17.06.2016 on Campus Rainvilleterrasse in Hamburg – the workshop includes an excursion to Venice, Italy

The global change of mankind from rural circumstances to a mostly urban-orientated society of the future manifests itself in the latest waves of migration. The radical change sharpens our awareness of a challenge that has already for a long time become reality in most of the metropolises: The vehement dynamic of a growing city also allowing all social classes to live and work even in its more central locations at affordable conditions.
However, to date our cities mostly banish the newly arrived migrants to the periphery of city and society. The strategies of former centuries as a “turning point in building” only give limited contour and direction with regard to a more effective and particularly more sustainable contrasting tendency to redensifying urban housing at comparatively low costs and short construction periods. Facing the immense challenge even the technical methods of construction appear at times like relicts from a preindustrial past even though more closely interlinked planning and production methods are available already today.

A new, digital turning point of building would have to become an incubator of useful urban development: Modular construction without constraint of monotony, social integration as potential, flexibility and redensity as prerequisite for an urban future.
The aac summer workshop dedicates itself to this topic by a real scenario in Berlin. Aim of the workshop is to intensively illuminate the technical and the cultural background of the topic in order to develop from this a flexible prototype in the sense of a case study house of the 21st century.

In view of the social and political relevance of the assignment the collaboration of everyone involved in this task is intended: representatives in authority of administration and one of the large Berlin housing associations, architects and engineers, urban and future researchers as well as manufacturing companies.

The opening of the Biennale in Venice from 25.05. – 28.05.2016 offers the opportunity to gather numerous experts and specialist interested people at one location and to generate first ideas in the context of charrettes and lecture events to be further broadened on the premises of aac in Hamburg during the following weeks.

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