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Altona Nord

Altona Nord

Designs for Hamburg’s New Traffic Hub

aac workshop, Hamburg, Germany
14th September to 7th October 2016 on the Rainvilleterrasse Campus in Hamburg

When they no longer serve their original function, railway sidings can become important inner-city development areas. This opportunity recently arose in Hamburg as a result of the decommissioning of a branching goods train depot for which a masterplan under the name “Neue Mitte Altona” was drawn up at the end of 2012 and whose first building phase has already begun. The plan for the entire site was connected with the decision to dispense with the existing Altona terminus and establish a new regional and inter-city railway station ca. four kilometres to the north. In terms of typology, the future station will be a combined through-station for both urban railway and inter-city trains with elevated platforms. As Hamburg’s most important railways station after Hauptbahnhof, it will link the city to Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark to the north. It could also function as a new access station serving the port of Hamburg and its cruise ship terminal. However, not least, it should be conceived of as an important nucleus for the further development of the surrounding districts.

Consequently, the workshop assignment consists in the development of a universal strategy for the actual railway station, the station building and its integration into the urban fabric in cooperation with a range of partners – Deutsche Bahn, the City of Hamburg and private investors – in order to produce a convincing and practically realisable solution. Together with contributions from renowned experts, the workshop will examine the potential of innovative railway station projects from various metropolises in order to develop intelligent designs for a 21st century urban railway station in Hamburg.