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Altona Nord

Altona Nord

Designs for Hamburg’s New Traffic Hub

aac workshop, Hamburg, Germany
14.09. to 07.10.2016

This workshop was under the guidance of
Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Dipl.-Ing. Meinhard
von Gerkan, President of the aac and
Dipl.-Ing. Architect Nikolaus Goetze

When they no longer serve their original function, railway sidings can become important inner-city development areas. This opportunity arose in Hamburg as a result of the decommissioning of a branching goods train depot. The plan for the entire site was connected with the decision to dispense with the existing Altona terminus and establish a new regional and inter-city railway station ca. four kilometres to the north.

The workshop assignment consisted in the development of a universal strategy for the railway station, the station building and also for its integration into the urban fabric in cooperation with a range of partners – Deutsche Bahn, the City of Hamburg and private investors – in order to produce a convincing and practically realisable solution.

The assignment based on existing parameters was supported by the Hamburg State Ministry for Urban Development and Housing by providing all relevant planning guidelines and existing programme content. Equally, the subject was so topical that the workshop results themselves have now contributed forming public opinion and influence further development in Hamburg.

Quotation: “Die Welt”, Oct. 8th 2016, page 33, author Olaf Dittmann

“Seldom student designs have been more topical – and politically pressing.”
“It is most likely that the proposals will now determine the design direction.”

Photos: jochen stüber fotografie

Participants: Laurin Akantisz, Yuzhe Bao, Nadine Bösker, Huang Feiya, Oskar Gamböck, David Gripp, Elisabeth Haentjes, Paik Inwha, Lin Jing, Nathalie Kalwa, Anna-Lena Klensang, Philipp Kornadt, Lian Lingling, Maria Mahinova, Zhu Mengyuan, Jurek Prüßner, Zhang Simin, Gao Tianqi, Yin Yue, Li Zheng